Stationary Lights Over Portland

Stationary Lights Over Portland

Date: July 1,1960

Location: Portland, OR

Talking with a friend about the recent sightings, April 29/30, 2006, I thought the following might be of topical interest although it was a long time ago and I don't recall the exact date.

Looking out of our picture window towards the southeast, on a hill in southwest Portland.

My Dad, Mother and myself saw in the evening sky what I remember to be 3 stationary oblong lights hovering over the Willamette Valley.

They remained there at least for 10 minutes, and my father called, I believe, the Oregonian to report it.

I remember that the paper said they had received a number of calls on it.

I also remember that the paper printed a squib about it after that, basically saying that stationary lights were observed over the city and that the Air Force was notified, and that the Air Force indicated that it would look into it.


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