Saucers Over Lake Pocotopaug

Saucers Over Lake Pocotopaug

Date: July 15, 1956

Location: East Hampton, CT

I was a young boy of six. It was a perfect summer day, and I was with my mother outside the kitchen door of our home. I was with two friends and we were discussing the subject of lunch with my mother.

One of us looked up, pointed, and we all looked up over Lake Pocotopaug, into a cloudless sky. We observed about 6 silver disks, flying saucers, flying in a loose formation. They were absolutely silent. There were no obstructions in our view of them. It was an amazing sight.

At that age, I was not yet exposed to science fiction, and this was all new to me. The craft floated, for lack of a better word, at a speed of perhaps several hundred miles an hour, relatively slow, towards us, then turned left out of our view.

Afterward we all discussed what we saw, agreed we all saw the same thing, and then my mother, told all of us that we should not discuss what we saw. At that age we obeyed, but I never got to query my Mom about the incident before she died. It was such an important event in my life that I have always remembered it.

In respect to the craft themselves, the were saucer like with bubble tops. It's almost embarrassing to report this as modern fiction has capitalized on this vision. The craft were basically silver but with colors of red and blue. I used to know where all the colors of red and blue were, but I have forgotten.

Using my experience at the time, I used to say that the edges of the craft were wavy like the heat coming off a hot summer asphalt road. I now watch on TV theories of gravitation, etc. and see similar results. All I can say is that for my craft, they were solid objects with fuzzy edges.

My good buddy at the time, Michael was with me, and I have no contact with him, nor do I know if he ever made a sighting report.

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