Seven Disks Observed By Many Witnesses

Seven Disks Observed By Many Witnesses

Date: July 4, 1947

Location: Portland & Milwaukie, OR and Vancouver, WA

Radio newsman Frank Cooley of station KOIN, INS wire service employees in the Portland Oregon Journal Building, Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Fred Krives, Deputy Clarence McKay, Sgt. John Sullivan, Portland Police Officer Kenneth A. McDowell, Harbor Patrol Capt. K.A. Prahn, Harbor Patrolmen A.T. Austad & K.C. Hoff, Portland Police Officers Earl J. Patterson, Walter A. Lissy and Robert Ellis, Oregon Highway Patrol Sgt. Claude Cross, and many others over a wide area saw 5 large disks moving at high speed to the east, 2 flying south and 3 to the east, with oscillating or wobbling motion, sudden 90º turns or zigzagging.

Radio reports alerted other officers who saw the objects, aluminum or chromium color, disk or hubcap or pie-pan or half-moon shape flashing in the sun, no vapor trail, no noise, except possible humming, some at 10,000' to 40,000' others at about 1,000'.

McDowell noticed pigeons reacted. Sullivan, McKay & Krives noted low humming sound and reported 20-30 objects. Cooley reported 12 disks at about 20,000'.

Further sightings at 2:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.

Patterson, Lissy & Ellis were pilots.

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