Zig Zagging Object Lands, Then Takes Off

Zig Zagging Object Lands, Then Takes Off

Date: January 27, 1965

Location: Hampton, Plum Tree Island, VA

A NASA research engineer, A.G. Crimmins, located at Hampton, observed an object that was approximately 75' across and 10' to 15' in height. The object had 3 to 7 lights colored red and orange, appeared to rotate, first appeared at an azimuth of 20º and a maximum of 75' of elevation.

The object moved approximately ¼ mile west of the original position on a zigzag course and then appeared to land on the shore. It remained fixed for approximately 5 minutes.

The object then took off to the North and then turned right to depart to the East at a high rate of speed.

The object was viewed through 20X binoculars.

There were apparently other reports of similar sightings in the same area at approximately the same time.

While in the process of documenting the case at Lightfoot, VA, North of Williamsburg, it was found that among the witnesses in this mini flap, there were 2 NASA research engineers, A.G. Crimmins & Major John Nayadley, a retired Air Force pilot.

I watched it through binoculars, Crimmins stated. It was zigzagging as if searching for a landing spot.

I could see flashing lights on the edge or rim of a rapidly rotating disk. The UFO made a touch landing, then climbed steeply out of sight.

Without any checkup, Air Force Headquarters hurriedly explained it as a helicopter the NASA engineers failed to recognize in their excitement.

Too late. HQ learned that Langley AFB had ruled this out, no helicopters were flying in the area.

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