Anyone See Anything Like This?

Anyone See Anything Like This?

Date: January 16, 2014

Location: Scotland

We were just walking home from shops this evening, it was starting to get dark.

I turned round to tell my little girl to hurry up.

There were 3 very dark black shadow like things hovering behind us on the road, they then moved up in to the sky and moved off.

They didnít look solid, as the shape was changing from time to time, they were small in size, about the size of a small bowling ball.

If I had not seen them close up and only in the sky I would have easily mistaken them for three small black plastic bags.

There was no wind and they all stayed together while they moved and all traveled in the same direction up into the sky and away.

I got the distinct impression they were following/watching us.

Iím not a nutter and am very skeptical about believing in anything out of the ordinary but this has really given me something to think about.

I would really like to know what they were.

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