Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object

Aircraft In Vicinity Or Aircraft Chasing Object

Date: May 15, 1952

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

As Chief Pilot for a major company, I flew a group of their top scientists from Teterboro, New Jersey, to Wright Field, Ohio.

We were in a DC-3 at 8,000' on an IFR flight plan and about 1,000' on top of all clouds.

Around 10:15 a.m. and about 110 miles East of Pittsburgh, my copilot spotted a strange object flying with us and about 500' off our left wing.

It was a black, shiny cylinder round on each end and it had no wings, empennage, engines or windows.

We called Pittsburgh radio and asked if they had any aircraft in sight near us.

They reported none.

We called our passengers up, one by one, and asked if they could see anything.

They were shocked to see the object flying beside us.

The object shot ahead of us and waited for us to catch up.

It zig zagged across our course for half an hour.

One of the scientists calculated its speed at 1,500 mph.

It ultimately disappeared ahead of us.

We were all sworn to secrecy by the senior company officer on board, because we were on our way to secure the largest research contract in the companies history from the Air Force.

At that time, just about anyone reporting a UFO was considered to be a wacko.

We couldn't even discuss the event with our families.

I am now in my 80s, and retired after 17,500 hours of flying for the Air Force and for corporations.

My copilot and passengers are all deceased.

I simply want to go on record that I and 7 cool, competent observers calmly observed this object and never reported it.

Incidentally, while I was at Wright Field I asked one of their senior pilots what the fastest USAF plane could fly at.

The answer was:

Around 500 mph.

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