On Our Way To A INXS Concert

On Our Way To A INXS Concert

Date: 1988

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Three friends were on their way home from an INXS concert in Pittsburgh when they encountered a ball of light sweeping a very bright beam of light over the dark road and its surroundings.

They promptly pulled over, and 2 of them exited the car so they could get a better look.

The 3rd friend remained in the car, screaming.

Though the light resembled a helicopter's search beam, there was no hint of any craft or body emitting the beam, even when it faced away from us.

Furthermore, the whole scene was completely silent.

They quickly returned to the car when the beam drew closer, and it simply darted away and disappeared into the night.

When they resumed their journey, the radio played static before cutting out completely.

We heard a commentator say:

Further evidence that there is life on Mars.

And then it went back to static, the witness reported.

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