Large White Light Travelling Slow

Large White Light Travelling Slow

Date: May 15, 1956

Location: Pine Castle AFB, Orlando, FL

A large white light travelling slow and then at a great speed from low to great height in seconds no sound.

It was after dark we were waiting for our C-97 to pick us up.

We saw what we thought was the front nose landing light coming down the runway we wondered why the pilot did not turn on wing lights.

There was no sound and the light went vertical and went high enough to look like a shooting star.

It crossed the sky North and South at a great speed stopping and changing direction instantly.

Finally it turned East and disappeared out over the ocean.

We notified the officer of the day and he came out to the ramp and watched with us.

The radar station could not track the object.

At this time Pine Castle AFB was part of the down range project.

This is my first time telling this to anyone.

I was in the Air Force as an air craft mechanic on the c-97 and kc-97 tanker.

I do not remember the exact date.

It should be in the Air Force records at Pine Castle.

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