Grey Entities Sighted On Numerous Occasions On Same Farm Since The 1850's

Grey Entities Sighted On Numerous Occasions On Same Farm Since The 1850's

Date: August 10, 1930

Location: Piedmont, MO

I live outside Piedmont, on a farm that has been in the family since the 1850's. I lived there with my mother, father, grandmother, and siblings.

When I was a kid, whoever was the youngest had to sleep on the sleeping porch of the house. None of us wanted to sleep there because the little people would visit and we were all afraid of them.

I remember that my mother and grandmother told stories about the little grey people who visited the farm at night and that the stories were in the family since before the Civil War.

One night in particular, when I was 10 years old, I was laying in bed on the porch and I saw a grey being with big eyes walk up to the window and look inside at me. I was frozen in fear. He just kept looking at me. The next thing I knew, there were three of them, all about 4' tall with no hair, big black eyes, small nose and mouth, and thin, standing next to my bed, and I remember thinking that I had no idea how they got inside.

I was even more afraid and wanted to pull the covers up over my face but couldn't. I don't know what happened after that.

The next morning I woke up and they were gone. They never appeared during the day, only at night.

I never saw a craft of any type, but sometimes late at night we would hear a humming sound coming from the low depression area around the pond about 100' from the house, but never went to look to see what it was. I think we were afraid to.

We also often saw small white balls of light in the yard and around the farm at dusk and after dusk but never knew what they were. The lights were about the size of a softball. The whole family was sure to be inside after dark and we just didn't play outside after dark, the older family members made sure we came inside and as I think back on this it must have been because of the little people who would take us.

That is the term my mother and grandmother used, they would say that the little grey people would take us at night but always brought us back before morning. It was almost like talking about fairies or something magical that was our little secret. It was not something we spoke about to other people, we kept it to ourselves and still do to this day. I still see them sometimes, only inside the house where I sleep now. I see them come in late at night, usually around 3:00 a.m. but for some reason I just fall asleep and don't remember any interaction with them. I don't let anyone sleep on the porch, though.

My children and grandchildren have also seen the grey people. We are not so afraid of them anymore, just look at them as being visitors rather than something that will harm us. I don't want any publicity or anyone to know who I am because they'll think I'm nuts, but I'm not. I may be old, but I am strong and take care of myself, and have all my faculties.

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