Cigar Shaped UFO

Cigar Shaped UFO

Date: July, 10, 1957

Location: Phillipsburg, NJ

Cigar shaped & loud roar made the 3 of us look up.

The roar stopped and then there was silence.

But we could see the craft above our heads, low enough to see markings on it but not in any language we knew.

It stayed hovering above our heads for several minutes.

We could see lights in the craft.

Then in what seemed to be a split second the roar started, flames or something similar came from the back and it was gone.

We all stood there frozen, and although I told my cousin to go in the house and get our parents he could not move either.

We then continued on our way to the ice cream store, when we met a woman with a small child in a stroller and asked her if she saw it.

She said yes what was it.

Of course we didn't know.

I am now 59 and the memory is still fresh so it was life changing.

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