Several Strange Men

Several Strange Men

Date: 1937

Location: Philippov, West Yaroslavl Province, Russia

Several strange men, who entered her house visited a local woman named Anna, who lived in an isolated wooden house located 4 miles from the main village.

They had gray/greenish faces, big hairless heads, large dark slanted eyes, and hoofed feet.

One of them asked Anna politely for help, requesting iodine, and saying:

We have our ship at the nearby lake. One of our men injured his hand while closing a hatch.

She gave them a small bottle of iodine.

The aliens then installed a strange device supported by tripod legs, with an object remotely resembling an old camera on top.

Anna then offered the men milk, which they drank.

The closed bottle of iodine was capped by a rag and wooden plug on the rag. The men took the plug out and took the rag, and with a gesture indicating disgust threw the rag away.

A device resembling a rubber hose was placed on the top of the bottle at the neck, after that they placed the device positioned in a way that it will face the bottle, it was an apparent decontamination procedure.

After this was done, they escorted Anna out of her house.

Outside her home, another green man was watching her.

When the men finished what they were doing they went out thanked Anna for the food and iodine and went away.

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