2 Alabaster Perfectly Round Objects

2 Alabaster Perfectly Round Objects

Date: July 15, 1954

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I saw 2 alabaster white perfectly round objects over our ball field as they hovered over us for about an hour, then they were gone.

In the summer of approximately 1954 we were playing ball in our local school yard.

I was at bat & looked out toward the wall in deep center field.

The outfield wall was a side wall of a school building.

At the top of the approximately 3 story building wall I noticed an object seemingly not far above the school building.

A perfectly round pure alabaster white object.

It gleamed so white, like nothing I ever saw before.

We stopped the game & watched it for quite some time.

It sat & sat, not a sound.

After about 15 or 20 minutes it very slowly moved northwest about a few city blocks without any noise.

After moving a couple minutes it stopped & sat again for a few minutes.

It then appeared to go directly West into a nearby cloud, it was gone.

A minute later it came out from the cloud & it had a matching partner that sat close to it.

They both moved back near the direction of the school yard, moving slowly & quietly & seemingly not too high up.

They sat for about 5 minutes near us, then moved due North slowly until they were some distance away, possibly 3 blocks distant

And then they both bolted out of sight so fast that in seconds they disappeared, still not a sound.

Many of the guys acted as if we saw nothing.

I believe they were upset & didn't want to face that we just saw 2 UFOs.

They'd say they were clouds or whatever.

About 6 or 8 of us had no doubt what we saw.

Needless to say we never finished that ball game after that event.

Oddly enough that night the Air Force sent some recruiters to the school yard to see if they could sign up some of the older guys that hung out at the school yard.

We thought they were coming to talk to us.

When we went up to them with our story of what happened about 7 hours ago, they just poohed us off as some kids that were making up stories.

Tonight I saw the ABC TV Special about sightings & felt that I had to tell you of my experience.

Only my family knows & I believe they think I made up the story because they don't believe.

I know what I saw.

This is a true story & I had to tell someone else & your operation seems to be a perfect outlet for my information sharing.

I suppose I may be one of the only guys still around that was at the sighting.

I'm retired now & older & spent most of my life involved in civic/youth sports activities & worked in retail management & also worked many years in the insurance business.

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