Alien Encounter of Juan Pérez

Alien Encounter of Juan Pérez

Date: September 6 1978

Location: Venado Tuerto, Argentina

The young witness, Juan O Perez, had gone to gather a herd of horses and as he rode on his horse through the morning fog he felt something fly overhead, several objects then appeared and began maneuvering overhead emitting powerful beams of color changing light.

His horse panicked and the witness barely managed to ride back home.

The boy’s father reprimanded him and ordered him to go back to get the horses. Back on the field the witness found a large round object on the ground, it had a dome on top with several round windows. A door opened and a 7' tall being wearing gloves and a cylindrical helmet appeared. The being seemed to be attached to the object by some type of breathing apparatus. He invited the witness inside.

They boy then tied his horse to a ladder and climbed in.

Inside he was able to see a panel with buttons, tables and a small robot like being that was apparently busy at cutting into pieces, large bones of some animals resembling cows or horses, afraid the boy jumped out of the object to the ground.

The tall being followed him outside. Juan then requested one of the giant’s gloves as proof of the experience, he then saw that the being had green claw like hands with blue metallic nails.

The being then pricked Juan's right arm apparently extracting blood in the process. As Juan rode back home carrying the glove, 2 flying objects caught up with him emitting a small slab and sphere that descended and brushed by the horse pulling off the glove like a magnet.

Another curious fact was that while inside the UFO Juan attempted to touch the being and the object several times, but was prevented to by what appeared to be an invisible barrier.

6 days prior to the incident the witness father had found a mutilated cow in a pasture.

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