Green Fire Balls Over Texas Panhandle

Green Fire Balls Over Texas Panhandle

Date: January 1, 1958

Location: Pep, TX

My recent lights in the sky, with military jets experience of October 9, 2009 which I reported to you about, has prompted me to share 2 other aerial sightings I have had in the past.

I am now 61 years old. I spent my childhood in West Texas, up around Lubbock, Littlefield, Levelland, places like that.

My dad was a school administrator at 2 small towns, Pep & Bula, which were situated some 50 miles from Lubbock, 20 miles from Littlefield.

I think at least one of them is still on the map.

As a young lad I often accompanied older farm boys, and my older brother, on jackrabbit spotlighting hunting trips.

I usually rode in the back of a pickup truck whilst older boys with .22 rifles shot at, and sometimes hit, jackrabbits that we caught in the beam of a good spotlight.

Just drive slowly along any country road with that spotlight sweeping the pastures and you'll catch the eyes of many night creatures there on the high plains of the Texas Panhandle.

If you've ever seen a Texas jackrabbit run you'll appreciate that this is a most sporting form of hunting, taking a great deal of skill and marksmanship.

There is a quote attributed to Chuck Yeager about country boy's marksmanship:

Give a hillbilly a rifle and he'll hit the bullseye every time, or something like that.

Those farm boys were good shots, I got pretty good myself as I got older.

On 2 occasions I witnessed green fireballs flashing across the night sky.

One I recall distinctly was traveling roughly southwest to northeast.

Being a young lad who read science texts avidly, I just thought to myself well, that meteor must have had a lot of copper in it.

I thought this, of course, because I knew copper oxide is greenish in color.

Years later, while reading a paperback coauthored by Kevin Randle, I read an account of many sightings of green fireballs in the U.S.

Some, it was reported, had their likely trajectories calculated to predict impact sites, although no debris was found, so they say.

I saw at least 2 of these about 50 years ago, while riding in the back of a pickup truck underneath the brilliant clear night skies of the Texas Panhandle.

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