Object Emits Beam Of Light

Object Emits Beam Of Light

Date: April 3, 1948

Location: San Martino, Pensilis, Italy

Guiseppe Langiano, a bus driver, and the stationmaster, Bavota.

Saw a luminous orange object hovering about 30' above the ground at Fara Di Gigno, emitting a beam of very bright white light.

It was an inverted bowl shape, surmounted by a transparent looking upside down cup, diameter 30' to 45'.

From this floated down to the ground a sort of big puppet about 11' in height, dressed in a stiff, metallic looking one piece garment and wearing heavy metallic gauntlets, he had 2 round holes in place of eyes.

When the witness ran toward it, this figure reentered the UFO, which took off.

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