Face Peelers

Face Peelers

Date: 2002

Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

In 2002, there were widespread reports of attacks by mysterious flying objects in the eastern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Villagers claimed the objects, which they called Muhnochwa, meaning face scratchers, attacked at night leaving scratches, bruises, and even burn like injuries on people's faces.

20 people disappeared and at least 7 were killed.

The Muhnochwa were often described as luminous or metallic flying objects that emitted sparks or flashes of electricity.

Some eyewitnesses claimed the objects resembled balls of light, while others described disk shaped crafts.

Numerous injuries were reported and the attacks caused panic in many rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.

Villagers often slept outside to guard against the Muhnochwa.

Some local officials blamed the injuries on insects or mass hysteria.

Witnesses in India claimed that the creature had large, scorpion like arm or spines on its legs, which it used to scratch the faces of its victims.

They used a picture of a grasshopper to describe it.

The same basic thing occured in Peru, only this time they were shown a picture of a large praying mantis creature.

So we have mantis like creatures ripping people's faces off and kidnapping people from multiple remote villages.

There is no way this is a coincidence.

I believe they are the same beings responsible for cattle mutilations as well.

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