Pearl, Mississippi Sighting

Flora, Mississippi UFO Mystery

Date: Unknown - Possibly February 10, 1977

Location: Pearl, MS

I've lived in Pearl, MS nearly my whole life. I can remember being 6 or 7 years of age when I first saw what we all call a UFO. On this night my family and myself were watching "The Three Musketeers" movie and a commercial came on about Three Musketeers candy bars. So, my mother, sister, and myself decided to go get a candy bar.

As we pulled out of our carport we could not help but see something hovering over our house. It was scary and interesting at the same time. By looking at this, it appeared to be as long as our house, but round. You could actually of stood on our house and touch it. It was that close. We pulled back in the carport and ran inside to get my dad. But when we came back outside it was gone. We then drove around trying to locate this thing but found nothing. We called police station to ask it there had been anything flying in area, but they said no. So I've been looking at the February 10, 1977 Flora, MS UFO sighting and am wondering does anyone know if the Three Musketeers movie and commercial aired on the night of February 10,1977. Now, Flora, MS. to Pearl, Ms. is about 22 miles. I'm just wondering if we all saw the same thing?


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