I Watched Two Star Like Objects

I Watched Two Star Like Objects

June 15, 1958

Location: Pawnee, OK

I watched 2 star like objects in the eastern night sky with a smaller one moving between the 2.

We were camped on the banks of Small River and several miles from the nearest town.

As we were lying on our backs observing the night sky, one of the scouts points to the northeast and said:

Hey look Sputnik.

Sure enought moving at what seemed a slow rate of speed was a light in the night sky, it would have looked like a star if it had not been moving.

As the light moved from the northeast to the southwest, another scout shouted:

Look there's another one.

Looking to the southwest we saw a second light which appeared to be a copy of the first moving from the southwest to the northeast on a collision couse with the first.

Although they were very far apart and moving slow, over the next 20 to 30 minutes they had come within approximatly an inch of one another.

Then a flash of light occurred between the objects and the one on the right coming from the southwest disappeared, and the one from the northeast continued it's southwestern flight until it disappeared some time later.

We were shocked and amazed, and to this day this has remained an unforgettable experience.

I was playing out side one night with the kids next door when their Father called us all over to him to show us something going on in the eastern sky.

2 star looking objects very high in the night sky moving slowly.

There was 3 adults and maybe 8 kids.

The adults were outside on blankets to get out of the hot houses.

My Parents were out side on the porch but were not ready to watch UFOs in the sky, but I was and I laid down and watched for maybe 30 minutes before I had to go to bed.

I was 9 years old and been to all the shows about monsters and space ships.

As we watched these objects we saw something smaller than the other 2 move from below one and go to the other.

As this was happing one of the grandparents that was outside with us said that this was the second time they saw this smaller obect move from one to the other.

I have no idea what we saw but we did see it happen.

It's good to know someone else saw it to.

Date is approximate.

Almost no man made satellites have a westerly groundtrack, so anything flying to the West would not be a satellite.

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