Approximately 8 Light Grey Metallic Saucers

Approximately 8 Light Grey Metallic Saucers

Date: October 1, 1957

Location: Paterson, NJ

When I was about 13, not sure of exact date, a friend and I saw a formation of about 8 disk shaped UFOs silently cross the sky.

At the time we were both amateur astronomers, built our own 6" telescopes, and spent a lot of time sightingstargazing.

The night we saw the UFOs was clear and moonless.

I was in the process of moving the telescope from one sky object to the next when I caught sight of a V shaped formation of about 8 circular shaped objects crossing the sky almost directly overhead.

I immediately shouted to my friend and he saw them as well.

Each object was about the apparent size of a full Moon, were circular in shape and had a dull, light grey metallic color to them.

I'm not sure whether they were visible as a result of reflected light from the ground or whether they were semi-transparent and lit from within.

I am sure that they seemed metallic and definitely gave the feeling of being hardware.

Also, the fact that they made absolutely no sound left a strong impression on me.

We watched them as they flew across the sky at uniform speed and finally disappeared behind a building.

We saw them for about 10 seconds.

They remained in formation throughout the sighting and there was no individual movement by a disk within the formation.

I believe as they receded you could see that they were disk shaped and that the direction of flight was North to South but I can't swear to these things due to the length of time that has lapsed since my sighting.

At that point we were both confident we had seen something not made on Earth.

Being amateur astronomers, we were familiar with observing high flying aircraft, satellites, comets, meteor showers, Aurora, and I know that what we saw that night can not be explained as some natural or man made phenomenon.

We bought all the local newspapers the next day thinking that we would see our sighting confirmed by others but didn't see any related stories.

I have been watching the night skies ever since and never saw another UFO.

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