Gold Saucer Seen Over Water Tower

Gold Saucer Seen Over Water Tower

Date: June 30, 1952

Location: Patchogue, NY

This event occurred in Patchogue, NY in the early 1950s and is a secondhand report, as most of the people who experienced it have since passed away.

This is an event I heard described multiple times over the course of many years.

In the early 1950s in Patchogue there was a water tower in the woods west of Fordham Street and Nottingham Ave. not far from where the current water tower on Waterworks Road now stands.

My understanding is that the current water tower in that area is not the same one however, I could be wrong about that.

Kids who grew up in that area at that time used to run through the woods, which were more extensive then, and play.

The base of the water tower was a favorite spot for the neighborhood kids to hang out.

Many of the residents on Fordham & Nottingham had been there since the 1910s, and in some cases were second generation living in that neighborhood.

Also, the water tower was visible from the front or back yards of many of the homes on Fordham & Nottingham.

One day in the early 1950s, a woman who was a second generation resident of that neighborhood was hanging laundry in her backyard while her three young children quietly played.

She happened to look up at the water tower an saw what she described as a large gold disk hovering above it.

She stood observing it for several minutes.

The circumference of the disk was greater than the circumference of the bulb of the water tower and was described as a large gold saucer.

The disk shot off, disappearing at a high rate of speed.

2 of this resident's children remember the saucer.

One described the saucer as the resident did, the other claims to have only seen a gold flash as it moved off at a high rate of speed.

The resident also stated the following:

I don't know who those people were inside it but, they weren't from here.

Neither of this resident's children with memory of this event claim to have ever entered this object.

This resident never responded when asked if she had entered the craft.

When asked how she knew there were people inside the object and how she knew they weren't from here, the resident seemed to be holding something back, as if considering what to say.

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