Additional Witnesses To Pascagoula Abduction

Additional Witnesses To Pascagoula Abduction

Date: October 13, 1973

Location: Pascagoula, MS

New witnesses to one of the most well known UFO abduction cases have come forward 45 years after the fateful night.

Known as the Pascagoula incident, Charles Hickson, age 42 & Calvin Parker age 19 were fishing along the Pascagoula River in Mississippi on the evening of October 11, 1973 when they claimed that a UFO appeared before them and three creatures abducted them during a terrifying experience.

Recently, a couple stepped forward to say that they also saw a UFO and what looked, like a person emerge from the water that night across the river from where Hickson & Parker were fishing.

Maria & Jerry Blair told the Mississippi Clarion Ledger that they were sitting in their 1969 Pontiac GTO on the river's edge.

They were parked in a lot owned by a seafood company where Jerry worked and waiting near a moored boat, moored for the captain to take him offshore.

The captain was late to arrive and the couple waited in their car for hours.

As night fell they saw strange blue lights in the sky that looked to be flying over the opposite shore of the river.

Maria, now 69, said that she thought was an airplane because of its bright lights flashing.

And it just kept going back and forth across the sky.

I told my husband there's something wrong with that plane, it's like he doesn't know where he wants to go.

The couple said they watched the lights maneuver back and forth in the air for 15 to 20 minutes and then land 450' to 600' away from them.

Jerry thought it was a helicopter and blew it off.

They eventually stepped out of their car and walked onto the pier to load Jerry's belongings on the moored boat for his cruise that night.

Jerry was walking ahead of Maria when they heard a loud, thumping splash sound from the water just off the pier.

That was when Maria saw something surface from underwater.

I was looking right down on it.

It looked like a person, but there was something different about it.

It only came to the surface of the water, as soon as I saw it, it just went back down in the water.

I told Jerry that there's somebody out there, they came up out of the water, then went back down.

So I'm standing there waiting for this person and the water rippled out.

She never saw it again, Maria thought the figure was a diver until she later heard about what happened across the river.

She now believes it was an alien standing in the water.

More witnesses were freaking out.

Judy Branning was in a car with 3 friends a few miles away later that night.

They were waiting at a red light at Chicot Rd. & Highway 90 when Judy saw strange lights in the sky at a distance.

She thought it was an airplane until it came closer and when all 4 occupants of the car realized it was a UFO.

Branning said the craft was silent and had very bright lights.

It got closer and it was hovering, it was kind of a saucer shape or disk shape with a rounded top.

The radio started sounding like it was running through all the stations and the car went dead, we were freaking out.

She said after the UFO flew over their car it accelerated straight up at a rate of speed she's never seen before and disappeared.

The sight frightened her and she stayed up all night thinking about the UFO.

Branning, now 74 said that she and her friends agreed not to talk to anyone else about what they saw.

She did tell a few people over the years but avoided it for fear of ridicule, but now she doesn't care if people think she's crazy.

She never forgot what she saw 45 years ago.

Banning has also met with Parker, who is grateful that she is backing up his story.

Parker claims that 2 or 3 other people have told him privately that they saw something strange that night but have not come forward.

Hickson & Parker told police they were fishing that night when just after nightfall they observed a blue light reflecting on the water.

At first, Parker thought it was a police vehicle pulling up to tell them not to fish on the private property they were on.

The pair looked up and saw a blinding light above them, the light was so intense it was difficult for them to see the object that the light was attached to.

They described the object to police as about 80' across and shaped like a football and made very little sound, just a hissing noise, said Parker.

As the bizarre-looking craft descended toward them a door opened and three, 5' tall humanoid beings approached and seized them.

They described the creatures as having arms with mitten shaped hands like crab claws, with carrot like growths where their nose and ears would be, their skin was pale and wrinkled.

They had no evident eyes and a slit where the mouth would be on a human.

One creature had no neck and another had a neck that appeared more feminine.

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