UFOs Seen Over Pantex Ordnance Plant

UFOs Seen Over Pantex Ordnance Plant

Date: February 22, 1961

Location: Panhandle, TX

From the late 1950s to the mid 1960s UFOs were seen over Pantex Ordnance Plant near Amarillo, TX.

I lived 3 miles away to the East at the time.

During this period there were about 100 sightings, but those of us that remember don't talk about it much.

The Airbase was still open and they would scramble Fighters to intercept.

But it was always the same, when the jets closed to 2 miles the object would go up at high speed.

The jets would circle a while then land, then sometimes it would come back down to its spot.

This was repeated on many nights.

Always the same type of object, that changed colors.

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