Worm Like Shape

Worm Like Shape

Date: January 1, 1951

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Edmund C. Jaeger, a well known naturalist and reliable observer, records an unusual event in his field notes:

On January 20, 1951, at 4:30 a.m., he wakes in Palm Springs, California, to see a bluish/white, needle shaped object in the western sky at about 30°.

This is between the constellations Leo & Cancer.

As he observes the object for the next 90 minutes, it develops a head and tail and goes through various worm like shapes.

He comments:

I never before heard or saw anything like it.

A writer of books on natural history, Jaeger was a scientist and a reliable observer.

The curious thing is that I could find no witnesses, no newspaper accounts, or other record of the event.

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