UFO Observed During Concert

UFO Observed During Concert

Date: October 15, 1947

Location: Palmira, Colombia

A vocal concert was given in this small town of Palmira, Colombia, S.A.

It is located near to Cali, Colombia.

The U.P.S. was notified of this incident and sent reports over the wires at that time.

After the concert a group of people, approximately 65, followed the artist to the town square to talk and get autographed pictures.

While at the square the group noticed a large object that looked like a full Moon near the mountains.

It was neon blue/green color.

It made no noise other than a very low grade electrical hum.

The object came and hovered over the square for nearly an hour.

It did nothing but hover above the square pulsating brighter and darker in the same blue/green color.

It was about the size of a football stadium, and completely covered the square.

After hovering. it slowly zig zagged away from the square and then took off at a high rate of speed straight up.

When it did the zig zig movement it left a trail behind like the tail of a comet.

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