Objects Resembled Light Bulbs

Objects Resembled Light Bulbs

Date: June 15, 1954

Location: Palm Beach, CA

During the early 1950s we lived in Southern California, I was probably 7 or 8 years old at the time.

The address where we lived was on Downing Street, a brand new housing project in Palm Beach.

My father was a career Marine, which is why we were in that part of the country.

I was in the back yard playing, my mother was hanging clothes on the line.

We both noticed several bright lights high in the sky.

As I recall it was late morning and since I was home at the time I can only assume it was summer.

No school or I wouldn't have been there.

All we could see were the lights, no shapes were seen.

They flew a bit erratic, up and down motion, and not in a straight line.

I remember asking my mother what they were and I remember her saying:

Oh, nothing to worry about.

At that young age I had all the faith in the world in my parents and always took their word as exactly that.

I went back to playing and that was all there was too it.

I have reviewed all your postings from the early 1950s and have seen nothing similar to what we witnessed.

Even though it's been 50+ years, I can still see those lights and remember that day like it was yesterday.

Even though it was nothing to worry about.

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