Daylight Sighting From 750'

Daylight Sighting From 750'

Date: March 20, 1974

Location: Palgarup, Western Australia, Australia

I was working for a farmer and had been having a day off. The area where this occurred was a farming area. The farm I was on was being used to grow potatoes. There was possibly 80 or so acres of cleared land sloping downwards to a dam. The valley was surrounded by a Eucalypt forest. The distance to the dam would be approximately 750'.

I was in the laundry doing washing. The laundry building was detached from the house, and there was about a 30' walk to get back to the front door. I was walking back to the house and turned around to face west and looked down towards the dam, over the cleared field.

From the tops of the trees at the left of the dam a silver/grey shape appeared. It was in line with the treetops and slowly moved over the dam. It was in full view for about 60 - 90 seconds. It was travelling northwards very slowly over the dam, and then went behind the treetops on the northern side of the dam.

It was a solid object, very clearly the work of an intelligence, and definitely not a weather phenomena or a trick of the light etc., but I had the distinct impression it could change dimensions if you like.

It had a very distinct pink/light mauve halo or field around it. I remember noticing how this field finished abruptly 5' or 6' away from this craft.

I also remember thinking how wonderful this thing looked and realized I was looking at something that was way beyond any technology I had read about exisiting at that time.

As you know, there is no way you can explain that these craft actually exist to people who have not seen one. Generally you are greeted with mild scepticism, and you can generally sense their rationalisations about your experience.

I have told very few people about this encounter, because basically, what's the point? I have had a couple of sightings since then but none so close where you could actually see the object clearly and make out its actual shape. The 2nd last sighting was in company of another person. This person saw exactly what I saw.

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