Pakse Tactical AFB Sighting

Pakse Tactical AFB Sighting

Date: September 14, 1972

Location: Pakse, Pak Sé District, Champasak Province, Laos

As I walked out from Pakse Tactical AFB, Royal Lao Air Force, headquarters on a misty, late afternoon, strange lights caught my eyes. I looked up to find a massive, circular, and bright void that filled a good section of the sky.

This was the size of 1 football field, roughly 300'+.

Its luminous lights changed colors. This unidentified object was not solid and utterly soundless. It appeared somewhat like a gigantic jellyfish, a living organism floating approximately 3500' above the ground.

The event lasted a long 3 to 5 minutes. Afterwards, this phenomenon slowly swirled toward the horizon, disappearing into the eastern sky. It was uncanny that no soul on the entire airfield had reported or even seen this extraordinary occurrence.

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