Pag Triangle

Pag Triangle

Location: Kustici, Croatia

Just a few miles from Novalja, a strange geological oddity has left scientists baffled.

Novalja, that is a town in the North of the island of Pag in the Croatian part of Adriatic Sea, is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Novalja also happens to be home to one of Croatia’s most obscure locations.

The Pag Triangle is a peculiar geological formation that forms a perfect isosceles triangle, as though something large left an impression on the ground.

The triangle was discovered in 1999 and has remained unchanged ever since.

What makes this site even more strange is that the rocks found inside the triangle are vastly different from those found in the surrounding area. The rocks have unique properties and appear to have been superheated at some point.

Several UFOlogists have suggested that the rocks changed do to the landing of an ancient UFO. However, no scientific evidence has been discovered to add validity to that claim or as to why the rocks are so different.

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