I See The Craft So Clear

I See The Craft So Clear

Date: September 20, 1973

Location: San Miguel del Padrón, Cuba

I was playing with my friends in front of my place in San Miguel, Habana, Havana, Cuba. When we realized other people from the bus stop, and my neighbors looking to the sky, I look and see a huge circle so big that it covered the area of my building, and the other building in front of the street, it had so many very colorful lights, red, blue, yellows, whites, etc.

In my point of view I was under the craft, you could see the metallic color true the many, a million of strong lights, is not show the light in the floor, I remember I think this is not a airplane cannot be, is to big At that moment. The huge dish was bigger. I remember I almost put myself on my knees by instinct was a couple of minute like that.

I continued looking to the beautiful colorful lights, huge circle in the sky, and then the craft start to be smaller and smaller in seconds until was in the dark sky like only one light, was like you turn off the older TV in black and white, remember in the screen they have a light for few second and disappears? Exactly like that, was one light in the sky for few seconds and that set.

I realized that night I saw a craft beyond this world, many people see it.

From that day I am positively sure we are not alone, because it was a perfect vision a neat sighting, so clear so detailed and was not possible to be an airplane, having approximated size like a 3 football fields.

The next time I see something close to that craft was in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. When I was already living in this country, was when I realized not only me and my neighbors have the opportunity to see the most beautiful craft in the whole universe.

I am sorry if my English in not that good, but I try to explain my best, I dont try to convince anybody of my esperiences, the only thing I know was real, was beautiful, I am positive I see very clear detail by detail, no sound, I suppose was very far a way from us but was so neat i could see details by details from under point of view, was a craft from other place not from planet Earth.

I suffer from migraine headaches and intense light sensitivity from that day. I mention this because when I go to the United States was when I realized how many books and programs and people are interested in this matter.

I read one day the people who see a contact with extraterrestrial craft or have been suffering from something like that, I just mention this just in case ii is important for somebody who studying these matters, Thanks and believe me we are not alone.

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