Daylight UFO Observed

Daylight UFO Observed

Date: August 23, 1999

Location: Ozark, MO

At 2:15 p.m., Douglas, was sitting in his office at his residence, using the internet and listening to the police scanner. The Christian County Sheriff's Department office dispatcher started having problems with all of the patrols out in the field.

Douglas heard a strange humming sound on frequency 155.565, the local police radio band.

I could hear the humming sound that was affecting the radios, and I could hear the humming in my office. I thought we'd just had a power surge that had affected the town of Ozark.

About 5 minutes had passed, and I was still hearing the humming, and the dispatcher was getting frantic, so I finally walked outside my residence. Looking to the West, I saw nothing.

The sky was mostly clear but with a little overcast.

As I walked down my front porch, I noticed a silver/gray disk directly above my residence towards the southeast.

It was approximately 300' long and 15' high. It was tilted at about 25 towards the Earth.

The humming continued constantly.

The disk had a blue, then white, then red light coming from the bottom, moving in a perfect circle. It then moved directly from the southeast to the northwest of my location, along the Finley River that runs through town and disappeared straight upwards.

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