Brilliant Silver Disk II

Brilliant Silver Disk II

Date: Summer - 2004

Location: Owens River, Mono County, CA

This is what my father & I both witnessed while camping off the Owens river, which is located off the 395 North exit is locally known as Toms Place.

We drove up Owens Gorge Rd. to Forest Rd.

We set up camp as usual and fished the day away.

Come nightfall we were just sitting around the campfire, me being 12 at the time half listening to his life lessons.

I'd say the time was about 11:00 p.m.

It was a beautiful clear night sky and we could see millions of stars through the clearing above us through the pine trees.

When then it seemed to get darker as if a cloud passed over the Moon.

We both look directly up and couldn't believe what we were seeing.

Imagine a stadium sized, circular UFO directly overhead in the night sky.

Unlike a solid object, parts of its form appear faintly transparent, revealing a soft inner glow.

This transparency effect is subtle, not completely see through, strategically placed, larger windows emanating a brighter light compared to the inner glow.

It blocked out the night sky above us.

We just stood in silence as it continued its journey over the eastern sierras and disappeared.

To this day my father is adamant in what we saw that night.

My father being a super serious and religious man confirms in myself what i saw that night.

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