Cigar Shaped Object Darting Back And Forth

Cigar Shaped Object Darting Back And Forth

Date: July 1, 1951

Location: Otis Orchards, WA

In the summer of 1951, my father and I were playing catch in our front yard of our home about ½ mile South of Trent Road, northnorthwest of Liberty Lake in Otis Orchards, WA.

I was 8 years old at the time.

I spotted a cigar shaped object in the sky to the southsouthwest, darting back and forth.

East & West, covering 5 or 6 miles, each zip/dart.

This activity was taking place at just less than a 45° angle from our location, above the southern horizon.

Liberty Lake lies just to the South and that seemed to be the end of each zip/dart to the East.

I asked my father:

What is that?.

He turned around, observed, and stated:

That's a Flying Saucer, people from outer space are here to visit.

We continued to watch for about a minute or so.

I turned around and ran to the front door to call my mother, so she could see it as well.

When I turned around after calling her, it was gone.

While this report has been written since June, following Peter's appearance on Coast, and never reported, please reference a similar sightings, the same summer in Otis Orchards.

In that report, Mica Peak is about 4 or 5 miles, eastsoutheast of Liberty Lake.

The activity I saw was about 7 miles directly West of Mica Peak on the same East/West axis.

While the Mica Peak report was a bright white sphere, all I saw was a cigar shaped disk, and no jets from McChord or Fairchild.

Perhaps this/these sightings were part of an alien operation, with this area being their area of operations?

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