Strange Lights no Sound

Strange Lights no Sound

July 1, 1958

Location: Osmond, NE

My brother and I were sleeping in the back yard, one night on the farm I was not asleep and looked towarded the east saw 3 or so lights moving slow going north, I thought they were helicopters, but they made no noise, got scared and covered blanket over my head.

When I looked again there was a light very close up in the trees shining down on us and what I recall, no shadows from the trees, we were sleeping in a grove of trees behind the farm house, no shadows which was very strange,

I tried to wake my brother up but he wouldn't wake up.

I covered over again and do not remember any thing until the next morning, I do not remember if I told any one the next day or not. I do not think this was a dream it was just to real and I still remember it to this day. Have not had any other experiences.

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