Oromocto, New Brunwick Triangle UFO

Oromocto, New Brunwick Triangle UFO

Date: Late 1990s

Location: Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada

I wanted to share this amazing craft I seen in Oromocto, New Brunswick in the late 1990's August or September.

I know the sketch is elementary but it is the best I could do with paint.

The craft was enormous in size like looking at a house hovering in the air. The color of the craft was a dark metallic grey with smooth edges no sharp edges like my sketch. It had no sound.

The triangular craft had windows all around like a normal aircraft but there was no living beings visible.

It appeared to be scanning the area without lasers or fancy flash lighting. This was in the early part of the evening still daylight after supper.

I ran in the house to get my companion to see this beautiful sight, but he was hypnotized to the TV. I tried in vain but my companion would not budge like in a trance.

I ran back outside and the craft was still there in the field hovering. I had a sense of calm while I watched it until it zipped off in a split second.

I then felt lonely as if my family just left after a holiday visit. I wanted it to come back.

I then spotted it hovering above the Oromocto Lake at the boat docks. I jumped into my car to drive over to see it, and before I arrived it zipped off again. This was the last time I seen it.

Oromocto seemed to be quiet while this was happening. I don't know if the town was asleep or having supper.

This is my story of UFOs and it has made me a believer.

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