Event In Oristano

Event In Oristano

Date: September 13, 1948

Location: Oristano, Italy

18 year old Guiseppe Madau was walking home from a religious seminar when he perceived a loud tone like sound coming from overhead.

Looking up he saw a strange craft approaching, maintaining an oblique position, at about rooftop height.

It was a round disk with a transparent cupola on top.

Inside the dome, Madau could see 2 men.

The men were human-like, fair skinned, and apparently blonde.

Curious the witness waved at the men, who then smiled and waved back.

The craft now descended silently flying parallel to the ground.

On the upper section of the object there was a bright beam of light that changed colors, from green, to orange and blue.

This beam completely enveloped Madau.

Soon he perceived an electronic sound in his mind and heard words telling him to be calm.

Soon the sound became somewhat painful, and the witness mentally told them that he was not going with them.

Scared he began reciting the Mother Mary prayer.

He then heard a loud feminine voice telling him to be quiet.

The sensation in his mind continued, and he again invoked Mother Mary.

Finally the sensation stopped.

The light around him disappeared and when he turned around the object and the men were gone.

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