Orbiting Near An Earthquake

Orbiting Near An Earthquake

Date: 2017

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I was cleaning up around my apartment when I noticed my kitchen lamp swinging and my building rocking.

Obviously, it was an earthquake.

It lasted for a bit, and I called my friend to make sure she was ok.

As we were chatting, I was standing out on my balcony which overlooks Runyon Canyon, a popular hiking trail.

I noticed this object hovering high in between the mountains.

It was way too high to be a helicopter and too small and low to be a plane.

What made it super strange was its shape and lack of movement.

It was orb like and stood stagnant for about a solid 3 minutes before moving at a snail's pace to the West.

I'm talking slower than any aircraft, blimp, kite, whatever, that I've ever seen.

It also seemed to reflect off the Sun, but only at some angles.

After moving towards the left and then once again staying completely still, it immediately darted at what seemed like an impossible speed in the opposite direction upwards and disappeared.

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