Orange Lights Over South Africa

Orange Lights Over South Africa

Date: 2011

Location: South Africa

Although the majority of them came in May, much of 2011 was subject to sightings of strange orange lights throughout all of South Africa.

One report from Tierpoort, would speak of 20 orange lights speeding through the sky above.

Another resident of Tierpoort, Charlotte Grub, claimed she saw a group of around seven orange lights passing overhead.

Krugersdorp resident, Bernadette Opperman, would report a single orange light flying over the city on the evening of May 21.

Several reports from the Warrenton region would speak of orange lights zipping through the sky and into what appeared to be a huge mothership.

Explanations were offered that the orange lights were nothing more than meteor showers. UFO researchers accepted that this very well may account for a good portion of the sightings, but other reports that detailed strange movements were not at all in line with how meteors or comets behave.

The wave of sightings is still collectively unexplained.

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