Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Possible Mt. Orab Crash

Date: 1988

Location: Mt. Orab, OH

There is an account of a UFO crash happening near Mt. Orab, OH in 1988.

Supposedly, 3-female aliens were recovered from the landing or wreckage, which was on property owned by an Indian, who was relocated to Virginia or North Carolina after the event as the farm property was purchased and retained by the federal government.

Supposedly, his identity was changed by a federal witness relocation program. Prior to his relocation, he worked for a postal service in Clermont or Brown County.

One witness who worked at a service station in the area that was supposedly involved, and also had heard from a separate source several years beforehand of a dispute which took place between fire and police department officials from Clermont/Brown Counties and UFO occupants around this same time period.

This information was conveyed to me from a volunteer fire officer with the Bethel/Tate Fire Department of Clermont County, sometime around 1989, which, as ludicrous as it sounds, involved some sort of low level conflict or weapons exchange between UFO occupants and fire/police department personnel. From what the contact said, there were some casualties on both sides before the military arrived in several jeeps and a truck which had tank like treads. The flying saucer which had landed or crashed was picked up by a cherry picker crane and loaded onto a flatbed truck/trailer and hauled off.

I'm not convinced of the accuracy of the Mt. Orab case, but I had heard of this supposed war for several years before I had knowledge of the supposed UFO crash in Mt. Orab.

The other witness, who worked at the service station, claimed to have acquired wreckage from the crash and kept the material stored in a safety deposit box somewhere in Kentucky. A key to the safe was given to Stringfield prior to his death, and since his passing, the witness has said that she sought the key from his family members, but apparently had no luck.

I'm not certain of the credibility of this witness, who also is the same one who said female aliens were recovered.

This witness, according to Stringfield, supposedly had a boyfriend who was a C.I.A. employee or agent after the event had occurred. In addition, the friend of a Cincinnati based Industrial Corporation employee conveyed that her father, a well trained special forces military agent that resided in Cincinnati, was involved with suspicious activity that she suspected had dealt with UFO's. The daughter said her father would get calls late at night and would have to rush off from time to time, where he would be gone for a duration.

The officer was supposedly involved with the Mt. Orab case, according to the family, and was gone for 2 weeks to assist in the retrieval operation. Upon his return, he was drugged, or behaved differently, and was very quiet and withdrawn from his family.

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