Object Appeared As A Hoberman Sphere

Object Appeared As A Hoberman Sphere

Date: 1991

Location: Olympia, WA

Late one evening in 1991, a young man and his girlfriend parked the car in a peaceful spot overlooking the port of Olympia, Washington, and passed about 30 minutes talking about life and random things.

Unexpectedly, what they thought was one abnormally bright star split into a sphere comprising roughly 20 points of light, much like a Hoberman sphere expands, and rotated rapidly before contracting back into a single bright light.

That light then glowed red and spit out five identical red lights, one by one, which pulsated in a synchronized manner as they flew through the sky in a straight line and eventually vanished.

The witness actually managed to capture video footage of the event, but the camera only showed a blank screen with a few strange flickering whitish dots on it that seem to come and go.

I am, after seeing it, hard pressed to believe it to be anything of known terrestrial technology,he wrote.

I have resigned to the likelihood that I will never know what it was at all.

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