Little Men Seemed Friendly

3 Little Men Seemed Friendly

Date: December 9, 1954

Location: Bela Vista, São Paulo, Brazil

Olmiro da Costa e Rosa, was working in his French bean and maize field in Linha Bela Vista, 2½ miles from Venancio Aires, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

Costa e Rosa heard a sound like a sewing machine, whereupon the animals in the nearby pasture scattered and ran. He looked up and saw a strange object hovering just above the ground, which looked like an explorer's hat. It was cream colored and surrounded by a smoky haze.

3 men were visible to Olmiro. One was in the craft, his head and shoulders sticking outside an opening, and another was apparently examining a barbed wire fence. Another approached Costa e Rosa, who dropped his hoe in surprise.

The man then raised his hand, reached down and picked up the hoe, and gave it back to Olmiro da Costa.

He then stooped over, uprooted a few plants and started back toward the craft.

Somewhat reassured by these actions, the farmer advanced toward the craft.

The man in the object and the one who had picked up the hoe made no motion toward him, but the one near the fence made a gesture as if warning Olmiro to stop, which he did.

Some of the animals then approached, and Olmiro with gestures, told the strange creatures that he would give them one of the animals as a gift but they didn't seem interested.

Straight off and unexpectedly, both men on the ground boarded the ship, which rose to about 30', accelerated abruptly, and flew into the West at high speed.

The description of these men is most interesting. They appeared to be of medium height, broad shouldered, with long blonde hair, extremely pale skin, and slanted eyes.

Their clothing was light brown in color and seemed fastened to their shoes, which looked odd to Olmiro as they had no heels.

The farmer was questioned at length by authorities from Porto Alegre and it was determined that Olmiro was a responsible, honest man.

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