Alois Olenick Sighting

Alois Olenick Sighting

Date: May 3, 1975

Location: San Antonio, TX

Alois Olenick, 48, was driving his 1959 Chevrolet pickup truck westward on Mogford Road, south of the city, when an unidentified aerial craft approached and beamed a spotlight down on him. At the same time, his truck was nearly buffeted off the road as if by a strong wind. As the UFO approached, the main light on its front changed from amber to a bright, cherry red, becoming most intense during the close encounter.

When the craft got directly over the top of my pickup, Olenick said, my lights went completely out and my engine was dead.

The object was basically globular in shape with protrusions on either side that could have been a central ring, making an overall Saturn shape. The bottom looked like highly polished metal with a reddish glow, possibly a reflection of the primary red light. Visible inside the transparent dome on top were 2 humanoid beings.

During the close range sighting, the craft was tilted at about a 40° angle and oriented so that one of the occupants was directly in Olenick's line of sight He said: They appeared to be just as interested in me as I was in them. One of the occupants, the one farthest away from me, appeared to be the pilot and had his hands on what looked like controls. He was looking up and away from me. The other occupant looked directly at me, and appeared to be observing me.

I got a good look at both of them. They weren't human beings like we see here.

The beings appeared to be 5' tall or under, bald, with prominent ears and a prominent nose. Their eyes were like slits, and their skin was smooth and gray. As the UFO departed almost instantaneously, Olenick heard a very loud wind sound that he compared to a cyclone, and his truck was buffeted.

While the craft hovered over his truck, Olenick detected a strong odor, like burning copper or electrical wiring. I feel like they got a look at me, and maybe got my picture or something, and then turned their lights off and vanished.

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