Historical UFO Sighting

Historical UFO Sighting

Date: July 15, 1948

Location: Ojai, CA

This is a historical UFO sighting report.

I am writing this down for my mother, who is now elderly.

She is a native of Ojai, California.

In 1948, she was working in the Ojai Valley as a waitress.

Her sister was also working at the same place.

On a summer evening in July, she and my aunt left work after 10:00 p.m.

They drove in their car to a small hill looking in the direction of Los Angeles, towards southeast.

They parked the car and looked out at the bright stars and clear sky.

They saw all of these peculiar little white lights, more than a dozen of them, hovering and darting around in the sky.

They couldn't distinguish whether they were small and close, or large and far away.

They watched them for about 15 minutes.

They darted around in every direction, so fast they could barely tell whether it was up or down or which direction.

Then they disappeared, quite suddenly, as if they just blinked out.

A few days later, mom returned to the same spot, with another friend, and they both observed the lights again, spinning and darting around above the Black Mountain area.

It was still very difficult to tell distance or size.

They appeared to be round, similar in brightness to the stars.

Mom says if they hadn't moved, they would have thought they were stars.

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