There Were Aircraft Chasing The Object

There Were Aircraft Chasing The Object

Date: January 1, 1955

Location: Odessa, TX

Apache helicopter flying 3,400' above ground seemed to be following something

This is not exactly a UFO report but suspicious activity occurring at around 13:30, give or take a few minutes.

I hear a loud buzzing, which is not odd as I live in less than a quarter mile from a small airport.

So frequently I am looking out the door to see planes and helicopters flying by.

Usually they are civilian aircraft or medical aircraft, but this time it was a Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter that seemed to be following something.

I could not visibly see anything but it was much to low to be just flying by.

There were no markings, just a greyish black chopper with a mounted gun clearly visible.

As the chopper was no more than 400' off the ground.

Which is quite low for the helicopter's in this area, and this is not the first sign of a military presence in the area.

I have also seen a Boeing Ch-47 Chinook flying by, this one flying much higher then the AH-64 I saw today.

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