Pulsating Red Light

Pulsating Red Light

Date: March 24, 1944

Location: Ocean Shores, WA

A nighttime sighting of pulsating red light off the Washington coast at Ocean Shores.

I could see a particularly bright red pulsing light stationary towards the West over the ocean.

I woke my wife and I told her she has to see this.

By the time she got up and was observing it, it had doubled in magnitude.

This was orange/red and it began pulsing.

We both were in amazement.

After several minutes of it getting progressively brighter, it then got very bright then completely just vanished.

I am a retired school teacher and my wife a real estate agent and are rational people but this was as clear as it could be.

We have not seen anything like it before over the ocean at night here at our beach home.

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