V Formation Of 5 Silver Disks

V Formation Of 5 Silver Disks

Date: September 12, 1946

Location: Oak Lawn, IL

V formation 5 silver disks with 1 trailing behind, size of small peas high & fast heading northeast bypassing Chicago to Indiana.

During the War II, I collected airplane cards, so I naturally looked in the sky and did observe many war planes in our area during the war.

One fall morning going to school and waiting in line to get on the school bus, I was looking up at the very blue sky.

It was a very clear day.

I saw 6 silver disks flying in V formation and there was one in the following in back of it, like the war planes flew.

They were very high in the sky and about the size of very small peas, heading northeast as if to bypass Chicago and head into Indiana.

They made no noise, as the airplanes were quite noisy, and they were crossing the sky at a very great speed.

There were no jets at that time that I knew of and if there were, they would have made lots of noise and not have gone that fast.

I stood there and watched them and the kids were calling me to get on the bus.

I believe there was something in the Chicago newspapers about others sighting them.

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