UFO Had Strange Characteristics

UFO Had Strange Characteristics

Date: July 15, 1954

Location: Oakdale, NY

3 highly luminescent objects in a V formation gliding through the black night sky.

It was a summers night back in 1954, I was just a kid.

My father was working outside and I was hanging out with him, when it got dark my mother called me into the house to get ready for bed.

I had been in the house for just a few minutes when my father burst into the house yelling:

Everyone come outside quick you have to see this.

I ran out the front door after my father and followed him to the end of our walk.

He stopped and turned back towards the house and dropped to his knee, grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around.

There to the right of our house up in the black night sky were 3 luminous disk shaped objects travelling from East to West very slowly.

I became so scared I ran back into the house at full speed with my father right behind me.

He was trying to catch me to bring me back out to watch the lights but his foot steps behind me scared me even more.

As I entered the living room he grabbed me and picked me up and said:

You have to see this you may never see anything like this again in your life.

He took me back outside and made me watch.

The lights were behind the house by then so we moved to the driveway to the left of the house.

There they were 3 pulsing disks glowing brightly gliding through the sky, silent, silhouetting the trees that were between us and the objects.

A calm came over me as my father set me on the ground, as I watched the 3 objects I noticed something dropping out of the back of them it reminded me of the tinsel we put on our Christmas tree.

This tinsel like substance was also glowing as it dropped out the back but soon disappeared a few feet under the objects.

I just stood in awe watching them now really starting to study them I noticed that as they pulsed at the dimmest part of the pulse that you could almost see through them like they were semi transparent.

They flew along and finally disappeared behind a wooded area out of sight.

Then as I stood there in somewhat of a trance I was startled by the sound of the night insects, the katydids and the like, all starting their sounds together.

It was then that I had realized that they too had been in a trance and were silent until the objects were gone.

It was a very strange night to say the least and till this day I have never witnessed anything quite like it.

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