UFOs Above Electric Wires

UFOs Above Electric Wires

Date: June 30, 1957

Location: Norwood, NY

It was around 1:00 a.m.

My mother, sister and myself were on the front porch of or house, which is 1 out of 2 houses on the street.

Hovering above the electric lines following the railroad tracks were UFOs.

First 2, then 2 more.

We had seen fast moving lights in the sky just seconds earlier, and was a bit stunned when they appeared across the road from our house.

The electric lines shot out sparks for a few seconds.

We ran into the house and hid.

It seems like 5 minutes, but it was hours later when it drifted out of our daze.

We never talked about it all these years.

I talked to my sister about it a year ago, and she was very nervous to speak of it.

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