Burnt Into My Memory Liked It Happened Only This Morning

Burnt Into My Memory Liked It Happened Only This Morning

Date: June 15, 1955

Location: Northwest, Missouri

I will never forget this this experience.

The light is burnt into my memory liked it happened only this morning.

I am now 54 years old.

This experience happened on a farm in northwest Missouri.

I have not talked about this experience much in my life because its sounds like a little boys dream.

A little history about my family, I am one of 17 children, 8 older and 8 younger.

This happened one summer morning.

My brothers & sisters slept in the upstairs of the house, there were 2 rooms, a boys room and a girls room.

The bed I was sleeping in that night was up against the East window.

This bed had a old wrought iron head board that you could see through.

I was awakened that morning from a voice that kept saying wake, up over and over, until I was awake and sitting up.

The voice then said look out the window, which was open.

As I looked out the window I noticed that there was total silence.

This time of the morning there are usually chickens, birds and other animals making some kind of noise.

The voice then told me to look up in the sky, it was pre-dawn and just starting to get light.

As I looked up I noticed a bright star or light about 45° from the horizon in the middle of the sky.

As I watched the light it moved vertically down to the horizon then all the way up to the top of my vision, about 90° from the horizon.

It then went back to the center of the sky and moved horizontal to the left of my vision then all the way to the right of my field of vision and then back to the center of the sky.

The Sun came up then and the light disappeared.

I looked around the room and my brothers were still sleeping.

This experience scared me so bad that I ran down stairs and climbed in bed with my Father and Mother.

My mother woke up and ask me why I was shaking so bad.

I said I had saw something and was scared.

I have often thought about this experience and wondered if I was having a dream or nightmare.

To me this was real and not a dream.

I was awake and aware of what was going on around me.

None of my brothers woke up during this experience and I never mentioned it to them for several years.

The only one I told for a long time was my mother.

I have never in my life had this type of experience since that day.

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