North Salem Sighting

North Salem Sighting

Date: February - 1988

Location: North Salem, NY

At the time, I was 23 years old and like many other guys who grew up to see the first man land on the Moon, I had always been fascinated with space flight and the possibility of other life existing in the universe.

I grew up being very interested in science and technology and had recently graduated college with a B.S. in Computer Science. I am now currently self employed and develop custom computer software for diverse applications.

I had never used or experimented with any kind of drug and had only consumed alcohol on occasion.

In February of 1988, I came across a movie on network television. The movie claimed that some Unidentified Flying Objects were machines being flown by beings from other planets. These claims were backed up by fascinating photographs, home movies and actual witnesses that were thought to have been abducted by these aliens.

These witnesses were convinced that they had undergone some kind of medical examination on board an alien spaceship. These examinations were conducted by small beings with large heads, big black eyes and grey skin. Many of these witnesses were left with scars on their bodies and remember some kind of surgery involving a small device being placed into their brain by way of a passage created by a needle forced up into their nasal cavity. I thought these claims were ridiculous.

All the witnesses were from East middle of nowhere and didn't seem to be to very convincing.

The next segment of this nationwide movie began to speak of the unusual events occurring in a region known as the Hudson Valley in New York state. The narrator spoke of over 10,000 witnesses to a UFO observed over the area in 1983 and several thousand more since then.

There were skeptics who said that the sightings were nothing more than small planes flying in formation. However, very reliable witnesses such as police officers and pilots insisted that the objects were very large, performed incredible maneuvers and made no noise. Home videos were even taken of the UFO by a couple who lived in Putnam County.

At that point I was ready to believe in little grey beings from outer space. Very reputable people in my area had seen this object and I wanted to know more. I wanted my curiosity satisfied by becoming a witness to this unexplained phenomenon.

In the next several weeks I became extremely interested in UFO's and began to watch the skies whenever I was outdoors. I learned of a local hotline run by investigators where a person could call up and hear their actual neighbors speaking of their encounters. I spoke of these events with friends and family and as the days went on my curiosity grew.

It was now well into February.

On one Sunday night, a friend of mine who lives in North Salem invited me over to watch television. As I drove to his house I had an eerie feeling like something was in the woods watching me.

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