Star Like Point Of Light

Star Like Point Of Light

Date: August 1, 1954

Location: North Hollywood, CA

As a 12 year old in 1954 I was sleeping in the back yard.

While gazing up at the stars I noticed a very small point of steady white light moving upward from just above the horizon.

Its appearance was like a very dim star.

It slowly travelled across the sky and after about 30 minutes it disappeared.

If it had been a few years later I would have assumed it was a satellite.

Bright flash in Bellingham area.

A flash of light lit my whole house, my dog freaked out.

At the same time, a friend who lives 15 miles away witnessed this same light and his dog freaked out, as well.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed this.

I have never seen a UFO and don't necessarily believe in them, but I can not think of another explanation.

My girlfriend has witnessed a similar occurrence.

Winter lighting???

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